[GRASSLIST:4441] Re: bug fixes for tcltkgrass for GRASS 5.3

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 30 19:50:53 EDT 2004

> >>>> BTW - what is the r.surf.idw2 for anyway when it is slower, less
> >>>> universal and gives identical results. Strange...
> >>>
> >>> I don't know what the difference is either.
> >>
> >> Can anybody say if there are any more diffrences between the
> >> r.surf.idw2 and *idw which justify both them being available?
> They use two different algorithms. They should probably be merged into
> one module, and then either use a heuristic method to decide which
> algorithm is most appropriate for the data, or a command-line switch
> to determine the algorithm used. Kind of like s.surf.idw, which has a
> command-line switch to use a different algorithm from the default.

Heuristics are ok if the output is always identical and the only
difference is computational time. If there is a chance that output would
be different, it has to be done explicitly with a command line switch.
Published results citing Software Title+Version need to be reproducible.

For code maintenance & bug fixing these should really be only one
module.. note only the idw version is in 5.7 currently, the merge should
happen there.


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