[GRASSLIST:6339] mysql attribute management in 6.1cvs

Chris Fonnesbeck fonnesbeck at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 12:14:06 EDT 2005

I am trying to add layers to a new location in 6.1 (cvs) on Mac OSX. I
have successfully used mysql with 5.7 in the past, but am running into
some problems with this release.

I tried connecting to mysql using db.connect/db.login, as recommended
in the documentation, but got the following:

DBMI-MYSQL driver error: mysql_real_connect() error (1045): Access
denied for user: chris at localhost

Despite the fact that I was using the correct login information. If I
go back and do things the old way, using db.connnect:

db.connect database="dbname=florida_gis,user=chris" driver="mysql"

I get the following warning:

WARNING: 'user' in database definition is not supported, use db.login

*yet* it lets me import layers without any problem, and the tables
appear in the database. I'm not sure, therefore, what is the proper
way to do this. Please advise.


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