[GRASSLIST:6348] Re: mysql attribute management in 6.1cvs

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Wed Apr 6 11:04:07 EDT 2005

Chris wrote

>I am trying to add layers to a new location in 6.1 (cvs) on Mac OSX. I
>have successfully used mysql with 5.7 in the past, but am running into
>some problems with this release.
>I tried connecting to mysql using db.connect/db.login, as recommended
>in the documentation, but got the following:
>DBMI-MYSQL driver error: mysql_real_connect() error (1045): Access
>denied for user: chris at localhost
>Despite the fact that I was using the correct login information. If I
>go back and do things the old way, using db.connnect:
>db.connect database="dbname=florida_gis,user=chris" driver="mysql"
>I get the following warning:
>WARNING: 'user' in database definition is not supported, use db.login
>*yet* it lets me import layers without any problem, and the tables
>appear in the database. I'm not sure, therefore, what is the proper
>way to do this. Please advise.

There are problems with MySQL 4.1.x. Use MySQL 4.0.x (http://www.mysql.org).

Now in OSX work these drivers: dbf, mysql (tested with MySQL 4.0.x, 
problems with 4.1.x), pg (tested with pgsql 7.4.x+PostGis 0.7.x, 
tested with pgsql 8.x 

There are problems con odbc driver.
Grass under OSX is built with unixodbc support. UnixOdbc is a tool to 
connect an application under darwin  (the unix base of OS X) to 
external db source via driver. Without an ODBC driver unixodbc is 
unuseful.  ODBC drivers are present for MySQL, for PostgreSQL (see 
sites) and these driver HAVE TO BUILT with unixodbc support. Today 
there are problems to connect grass to ODBC source under Mac OS X.

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