[GRASSLIST:6369] Re: i.maxlike does not read sig file

Martin Wegmann wegmann at biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de
Fri Apr 8 08:23:26 EDT 2005

Hallo Jachym,

On Friday 08 April 2005 13:00, you wrote:
> ls $GISDBASE/$LOCAION_NAME/$MAPSET/group/all_img/subgroup/all_img_sub/
> ist all_img_sig irgendwo in irgendeinem unterverzeichniss?

yes, the sig file is there. 

I tried the same with the spearfish data set and did the same with i.group 
i.cluster and then i.maxlik -- it worked, I received an output map. 
Hence my data set must cause i.maxlik not to find the sig file, doesn't it?


P.S.:These warnings appeared as well:

i.maxlik group=test subgroup=test_sub sigfile=test_sig class=test_class 
WARNING: signature 64 is not valid (ill-conditioned) - ignored
WARNING: signature 73 is not valid (ill-conditioned) - ignored
i.maxlik ... 

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