[GRASSLIST:6401] satellite images

Chiara Porcu kj_in_tec at tiscali.it
Mon Apr 11 10:52:45 EDT 2005

I all!

I've imported a satellite image en grass 60, with a resolution of 0.6 m,
and 16 bits. the problem is that the white/black image is too dark and the
color one appears just as it was taken in a very foggy day. but when I open
them in windows it's all ok. can it be a problem of composition? is there
a way to adjust them on grass? I used r.in.gdal to import the images and
r.composite to compose them. in a first moment we worked on images of 8 bits
and, even if the quality wasn't good, it appeared better than now. can it
be a problem of bits?
Chiara Porcu 

Dep. I+D 
Gimena Ingenieria
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