[GRASSLIST:6403] Re: use of c_minx and c_maxx in r.series

vincent at ecovla.nl vincent at ecovla.nl
Mon Apr 11 11:17:29 EDT 2005

Martin Wegmann wrote:
> hello  Vincent, 
> On Monday 11 April 2005 10:23, vincent at ecovla.nl wrote:
> [....]
>>Now with Glynns functions I'm already half-way: I can create the index.
>>Now how do I apply this index to a series of raster files? Is there a
>>simple and robust (like accepting input from g.mlist) trick using
>>r.mapcalc? Or is Glynn currently writing r.series.fromindex and am I too
>>anxious and should I be patient? Or need I write it myself? Any hints?
> if you have a time-series of raster files with the names: 
> raster_name.1
> raster_name.2 
> etc.
> just do:
> r.series input="`g.mlist pattern='raster_name.*' sep=,`" method=min_x 
> Martin

Well, thanks, but that's the part that I already knew. Sorry if I
formulated my problem badly.
What you describe will give me an output raster file which is in fact an
index referring to my input series of raster files, right? Now what I
want to do is use this result, the index raster, to get values from
comparable but different raster series, e.g. different bands of the same
time series. My problem is not how to define the series or have them as
input using g.mlist, I know how to do that. My problem is that I want to
do e.g. r.series.fromindex input=$series_red index=$output_of_min_x.


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