[GRASSLIST:6474] Re: plot points in different color

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 15 00:49:57 EDT 2005

> > I have a point data associated with PostgreSQL table. I would like
> > to fill the points with RGB color based on their attribute (typical
> > desktop GIS task).

I think currently you have to use a shell script:

d.vect cats= fcolor=

for each category.

you could use db.select as a source to feed these values in automatically.

Not very pretty, but I think it would work.

> I wanted to achieve the something similar, but couldn't work out how
> to do it. My aim was to have the points coloured according to some
> attribute value (be it elevation, or something else), using a palette.
> I couldn't suss out how to do it, so I ended up using GMT.
> Now I want to do the same with nviz: I wans to plot some tracks on my
> raster with some attribute coded as colour, but I think there's no way
> of doing this (I can set a single colour for a points vector set, not
> a palette).
> So rather than answering your question :), I add to it: is it possible
> to do this?

the following things need to happen:
 a) d.vect gets support for GRASSRGB column -> fill color for points
 b) NVIZ would need support for vector areas
 c) NVIZ would need support for vector area/points fill color

Feel free to add these to the GRASS wish list if they are not already
in there, or try your hand at coding them yourself.



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