[GRASSLIST:6504] Re: XYZ Data to raster for orthorectification

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 16 23:18:08 EDT 2005

> Can someone point me in the right direction how to import xyz data
> like:
> 102320.0934,1120983.0233,123.442
> 123123.3123,1235032.1234,123.685
> ....
> into a grass raster?

Well, 3D point data may be imported with v.in.ascii, e.g.

cat input_points.txt | v.in.ascii -z out=orthopoints fs=, x=1 y=2 z=3

but I don't know much about rectifying orthophotos, so that's about all
the help I can give. (see the i.ortho.photo help page?)


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