[GRASSLIST:6507] Re: Sites and GSLIB

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 16 23:54:40 EDT 2005

> 1- Migrating from Grass5.4 to Grass 6 I see that "sites" data object
> no  longer exists. Personally, I found this a little drawback (clearly
> this  could be a drawback only for me and maybe I was using the
> incorrect  procedure: tell me !!!!!),

"Sites" are now replaced with "vector points". Use the v.* modules now.
Most functionality, plus a lot more, still exists.

> especially when trying to importing huge amount of point cloud data
> (i.e. for example when using data collected by means of  airborne
> laser scanning technology: millions of points). I found really 
> difficult to import elevation data and execute interpolation (compared
> when  using grass5.4 with sites): it seems that I need to link the
> imported  vector points to a database table in order to define the
> column category.  Then I`m wondering if using the "vector" format
> there is more memory  consumption than when using "sites" format. Have
> you any suggestions?

there was a memory leak bug in the 6.0.0 release. It has been fixed now
and I have loaded 1.15 million point LIDAR data into GRASS without
problems. You will need to compile from the latest CVS snapshot to get
this fix.

> 2- I`m interested in visualizing 3D grid file generated by
> geostatistical  tools (mainly GSLIB library: SAsim, Sisim, 3dKT....)
> in NViz...have you any  example file of a 3d grid text file in order
> to import it in Grass? I would  like to write a small code to convert
> the  GSlib format to Grass format



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