[GRASSLIST:6520] Re: Clean reinstall of Grass on OS X

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 02:00:39 EDT 2005

> I've reinstalled Grass on my Powerbook (after a system crash) using
> Lorenzo Moretti's wonderful binaries. There has been some loss of
> performance, and reliability since the reinstall. I'm running 10.3.9
> and using imported Arcview files.

try using X11 mode and not Aqua mode from the [GRAPHICS|TEXT] startup screen.

> Is there any way I can reset Grass settings? 

what do you mean by "Grass settings"?

>  I have tried  rm ~/.grassrc6 but get "no such file or directory" as a
> result. 

that removes last visited LOCATION, MAPSET, etc. 


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