[GRASSLIST:6528] Tecahing GIS with GRASS

Alejandro Hinojosa alhinc at cicese.mx
Mon Apr 18 13:57:16 EDT 2005

Dear list,
I am going to teach a coure on GIS and I would like to use GRASS. Some 
1.- Should I introduce the students  to the newer version 6 or use to the 
stable 5.4
2.- Are there any teaching materials for the lab, tutorials, that could 
assist me on this task.
3.-How can I overcome thee concurrent access problem,  creating 
and  account for each user or is there another route.?
Thanks in advance

Alejandro Hinojosa
Geology Department ,Earth Sciences Division
P.O. Box 434843
San Diego Ca. 92143-4843

Phone + 52 646 175-0500 ext 26045
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