[GRASSLIST:6546] Re: problem importing vector

Brian Beckage Brian.Beckage at uvm.edu
Tue Apr 19 09:50:50 EDT 2005


>  > This is an old problem from grass 5.7. Grass with some shape files
>>  (only some) goes to infinite loop in Mac OS X only.
>I think it can be finite, just really slow. Is CPU use at 100% or 0%?
>Multiple bugs here, need to figure out which one you are seeing :)

The CPU is at 100% and appears to be making progress.  I suspect that 
if I wait long enough, it will work.  If I renice the job as you 
suggest, then I think this may be manageable.

Alternatively, I have another (fast) machine in my lab that is mostly 
idle.  If I import this vector into Grass using this other machine, 
is there an easy method for transferring this vector from one machine 
to another without having to do the time consuming 'cleaning' again? 
Is there some sort of Grass-object or some other format that allows 
vectors to be moved between machines without having to be reprocessed?

>I think for the coastline case, it is just slow; depends on the data.
>Long complicated polygons take heaps of time on Linux too.

The polygons are very complicated and so I think this is the case. 
I've been able to successfully import other vectors as shape files 
without any trouble.


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