[GRASSLIST:6577] Re: ASCII to grid

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Wed Apr 20 15:29:48 EDT 2005


> i`m trying to import a grass created rasterfile (r.out.gdal)into ArcView
> 8.3
r.out.gdal can output a dozen of formats
which one did you use?

> over the Toolbox. But i get always this error:
> An error occurred while running Ascii to Grid. Unloading the Tools.

For transferring a Grass raster into ArcInfo I use the r.out.arc. Although 
Gdal is in general also capable of writing ARC ASCII GRID it has
problems with floating point data in this case, depending on the amount of 
no-data value in the beginning of you raster.


> Does anybody has an idea what's going wrong here?
> thanks
> Stefan Gasser

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