[GRASSLIST:6585] Re: [GRASS5] Re: Re: problem importing vector

Lorenzo Moretti lorenzo.moretti at bologna.enea.it
Thu Apr 21 10:51:04 EDT 2005

Hi Hamish

>  > >Hamish
>>  I've applied your PATCH to vector/v.in.ogr/geom.c.
>>  All OS X users can download last cvs version (050419) with this patch
>>  at: http://wwwamb.bologna.enea.it/forgrass/downloadcvs.htm.
>>  I have tried with some old shape that have problems in Grass with
>>  normal: v.in.ogr -o
>>  ... and I have the same problems than before: infinite loop. I have
>>  killed v.in.ogr.
>that patch was non-functional, it still needs some work. It won't do any
>harm though, as it won't do anything at all.
>I used
>#ifdef UNUSED
>for commenting out a chunk of code which contains other /* comments */.
>>  I have retry the same commands from wish app in X11 and AQUA
>>  environment (graphic method) (v.type in graphic window is not good)
>(as Radim noted, you don't actually need the v.type steps after all)

Is this sufficient for complex shape files that don't work with 
normal "v.in.ogr -o"?
- v.in.ogr -c -o
- v.clean tool=break

>is the v.clean problem a result of you needing GUI options like:
>(choose only one)
>o line,boundary
>o boundary,line
>o point,centroid
>o centroid,point

This list is the best solution for v.type command window

>and not as now:
>(choose multiple)
>o line
>o boundary
>o centroid
>o point
>and then somehow know that you are only allowed to select two compatible
>ones from the list and somehow specify order (impossible)?

Now it's impossible to select "boundary,line" in v.type window.

>>  but v.clean send to crash my Wish app, only wish app.
>>  Why wish app is more unstable with some commands with some vector layer?
>no idea. Could it be warning / error messages triggering the crash?
>maybe debug with:
>  v.clean --tcltk | less

I want to test beter...


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