[GRASSLIST:6623] Re: export in GeoTiff

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 03:51:47 EDT 2005

> Here we see some documentation problem. Cite: "with the appropriate
> switches." Non-geek user cant understand from documentation those
> appropriate switches. I could not understand how to run r.out.gdal to
> get ArcView comaptible GeoTIFF (there are too many options w/o easy
> explanation of they meaning i.e. type). I used r.out.tiff but ArcView
> 8.3 was unable to load this tiff, but image viewing software was able
> to show it.
> Its very hard to be only person who uses GRASS in ESRI dominated
> country if GRASS documentation does not contain examples how to easy
> inport/export data to ArcGIS compatible formats. For many ordinary
> users ArcGIS is synonym of GIS and thus easy data migration is a
> "killer feature" (lack of it can kill GRASS, but good implemenation w
> docs allow GRASS to spread in ArcGIS-only environments).

For the record.



  Including examples on how to load maps into ArcGIS 8.3 & 9.



  Including examples on how to export ESRI shapefiles.

Yes, r.out.gdal's help page could use a GeoTIFF example.

Documentation fixes and additions welcomed; submit to the bug tracker,
preferably with HTML tags.
Patches are even better (diff -u oldfile newfile), attach rather than
cut & paste into bug window to preserve formatting please.


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