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Hello M__ris, 

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:37:28 +0300 M__ris Nartišs
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> Here we see some documentation problem. Cite: "with the appropriate
> switches." Non-geek user cant understand from documentation those
> appropriate switches.

OK, let me step in here again...
r.out.tiff --help
  -p   TIFF Palette output (8bit instead of 24bit).
  -t   Output TIFF world file
  -l   Output Tiled TIFF
  -v   Verbose mode.

This is not that difficult to export a tiff file with world-file using
parameter -tv, if desired -p with optional compression, eg.:

r.out.tiff -tv [-p] in=mymap out=mymap [comp=packbit]

> I could not understand how to run r.out.gdal to
> get ArcView comaptible GeoTIFF (there are too many options w/o easy
> explanation of they meaning i.e. type). I used r.out.tiff but ArcView
> 8.3 was unable to load this tiff, but image viewing software was able
> to show it.

straight forward:

	r.out.gal in=mymap out=mymap type=UInt16  format=GTiff

Again, here you have to choose "type" depending on your data to be

> Its very hard to be only person who uses GRASS in ESRI dominated
> country if GRASS documentation does not contain examples how to easy
> inport/export data to ArcGIS compatible formats. For many ordinary
> users ArcGIS is synonym of GIS and thus easy data migration is a
> "killer feature" (lack of it can kill GRASS, but good implemenation w
> docs allow GRASS to spread in ArcGIS-only environments).

Certainly right! Just document your working converting steps on the
GRASS-wiki[1] and post a link to it. It will probably help lots of other


[1] http://grass.gdf-hannover.de

Stephan Holl

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