[GRASSLIST:6616] Re: export in GeoTiff

Māris Nartišs maris.nartiss at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 04:37:28 EDT 2005

Here we see some documentation problem. Cite: "with the appropriate
switches." Non-geek user cant understand from documentation those
appropriate switches. I could not understand how to run r.out.gdal to
get ArcView comaptible GeoTIFF (there are too many options w/o easy
explanation of they meaning i.e. type). I used r.out.tiff but ArcView
8.3 was unable to load this tiff, but image viewing software was able
to show it.
Its very hard to be only person who uses GRASS in ESRI dominated
country if GRASS documentation does not contain examples how to easy
inport/export data to ArcGIS compatible formats. For many ordinary
users ArcGIS is synonym of GIS and thus easy data migration is a
"killer feature" (lack of it can kill GRASS, but good implemenation w
docs allow GRASS to spread in ArcGIS-only environments).

Just my 2c.

On 4/25/05, Stephan Holl <sholl at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hello Axel, 
> On Sun, 24 Apr 2005 20:34:52 +0200 Axel Orth <axel_orth at gmx.de> wrote:
> > hey,
> > 
> > i still have not found any solution to convert my scanned map that is 
> > now part of the GRASS project into GeoTIFF.
> > I am really desperate as i need it in a referenced format for my
> > further studies.
> > 
> > as r.out.gdal does not work (signal 11, remember?) is there any other 
> > way that i can try?
> If a Tiff +World-file is also sufficient, you could try r.out.tiff with
> the appropriate switches.
> Nevertheless you should get gdal working on your installation since it
> is an essential import/export tool!
> If you are working on suse or mandrake you could grab RPM-packages here
> [1]
> Best
> 	Stephan
> [1] http://www.gdf-hannover.de/software/
> -- 
> Stephan Holl
> Check headers for GnuPG Key!
> http://www.gdf-hannover.de

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