[GRASSLIST:6672] Re: problem importing vector

Brian Beckage Brian.Beckage at uvm.edu
Thu Apr 28 18:22:23 EDT 2005

Letting my underutilized machine work on importing the vector over 
the course of a week worked.  I was then able to copy the vector over 
to my primary machine and successfully work with the vector.  Thanks 
for everyone's help.


At 6:47 PM +1200 4/20/05, Hamish wrote:
>  > Alternatively, I have another (fast) machine in my lab that is mostly
>>  idle.  If I import this vector into Grass using this other machine,
>>  is there an easy method for transferring this vector from one machine
>>  to another without having to do the time consuming 'cleaning' again?
>>  Is there some sort of Grass-object or some other format that allows
>>  vectors to be moved between machines without having to be reprocessed?
>yes, the GRASS vectors are stored in the $MAPSET/vector/map_name/
>directory, just copy that directory to the other machine.
>see g.gisenv for GISDBASE/LOCATION dir.

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