[GRASSLIST:6675] 3D vector support

Miha Staut mihastaut at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Apr 29 05:27:30 EDT 2005


I would like to insert a cave into a NVIZ view. The idea is to render the DMR
surface transparent so that the cave can be seen through it. That is why I
needed 3D vector support and decided to take advantage of the OpenDWG library.
I downloaded the OpenDWG toolkit, but the instructions are quite complicated.
In the v.in.dwg html help file it is written:

... Then unpack library and copy to this directory: ad2.a ad2.h odio.h
adinit.dat and compile this module.

Which is 'this' directory? I got the html from the internet. Where do I find
the mentioned files? If I search through the uncompressed library files I can
not find the mentioned files. 

Any help appreciated, 
Miha Staut

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