[GRASSLIST:6688] Mac OS X 10.4 and GRASS 6

Tim De Chant dechant at nature.berkeley.edu
Sat Apr 30 16:17:00 EDT 2005

Has anyone had any luck getting GRASS 6.1 to run under Tiger?  I've  
reinstalled everything following the upgrade (archive and install)  
but haven't been able to get the 19 April CVS binary working.  I can  
go into the .app package and open the startup screen (where you  
choose the location), but it fails to launch GRASS from there (i.e.  
no GRASS prompt in the shell).  Any tips or just wait for an update?   


Tim De Chant
     University of California, Berkeley
     Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
     137 Mulford Hall  #3114
     Berkeley, CA 94720-3114
     Phone:     (510) 643-3910

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