[GRASSLIST:7755] Hutchinson's Adaptive Alogrithm for sound DEMs?

paallen at attglobal.net paallen at attglobal.net
Mon Aug 1 16:06:21 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I am trying to create a DEM from Topographic
contours.  I have been using regularized spline
with tension (v.surf.rst) and I am just not
content with the quality.  My final objective is
to produce watersheds for sample locations using
"r.water.outlet".  So I am looking for
alternatives and as aways preferabley something in
GRASS or at least GNU.

I was wondering if M.F. Hutchinson's alogrithm for
generating DEMs from his paper on the net "A
Locally Adaptive Approach to the Interprolation of
Digital Elevation Models"
has been written for GRASS or any other GNU program?.

It appears to be the algorithm that the CGIAR used
to re-grid the SRTM 90m DEM.


Phillip J. Allen
Consulting Geochemist
Lima Peru
e-mail: paallen at attglobal.net

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