[GRASSLIST:7759] RE: cross validation on v.srf.rst. Does it work?

Tom Colson tom_colson at ncsu.edu
Tue Aug 2 09:05:51 EDT 2005

Just for grins..try smooth=.01 or .02. My first suspicion would be that
there is too much smoothing. How many points are in the rainfall data
set...and what is the average distance between points? 

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Hi all,

I'm trying to use the cross validation option on both v.srf.rst and
v.vol.rst. However I'm getting some strange results for the slovakia
rainfall data set. 
1) I ran v.srf.rst as follows: 
GRASS 6.0.0 (slovakia3d):~ > v.surf.rst input=rain3d
zcolumn=int_1 cvdev=cv1 -v mask=mask at PERMANENT

Which wrote a table with difference values on Postgres.

2) Then I created another table without the gauging station #122 (which I
called rain3d_2) and interpolated using the same parameters as above:
GRASS 6.0.0 (slovakia3d):~ > v.surf.rst input=rain3d_2 zcolumn=rain
mask=mask at PERMANENT elev=vsurf1_wo122

AFAIK cross validation removes one point at a time, interpolates using the
remainder points and computes the difference between the interpolated value
at a certain location (i.e. station 122) and the real value (record at
station 122).  Accordingly if I query the raster map vsurf1_wo122 at the
coordinates of station
122 and substract the interpolated value to the real value I should get the
value that was written to the cross validation table for station 122, so I
query the
GRASS 6.0.0 (slovakia3d):~ > r.what input=vsurf1_wo122

The real value at station 122 is 798 mm; according to these values the
difference is: 1057.96-798 = 259.96.
The value that was written by the v.srf.rst module on the cross-validation
table is -5.31.

Can someone tell me what's going on here?



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