[GRASSLIST:7762] DEM terrain Analysis

Dave Sampson gis at watersheds.ca
Tue Aug 2 09:34:53 EDT 2005

independent study at University of Northern British Columbia...

Might be a good link to have on the GRASS web site... Pretty recent, 
Spring 2004

This project used TRIM-DEM data to conduct line of sight analysis of 
School District 91, Nechako Lakes (SD91).  It was used to gain 
experience in the self directed implementation of a GIS.  SD91 was 
chosen as the study site due to the available data, and interest by SD91 
technicians in the results.  The large geographic area and many small, 
remote communities included in SD91 (see maps below) make it a practical 
study area for development of wireless communication infrastructure.  
This project was conducted with the use of open source software 
including GRASS5 
OpenMosix, and GIMP 



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