[GRASSLIST:7784] shape import

Dina Daresta dina.daresta at dyrecta.com
Thu Aug 4 06:04:06 EDT 2005


I have begun from some day to import files shape in grass6, resolved
some problems, have been some generates others to you. 

1. when amount rows shape, v.in.ogr, does not visualize it in the
location of job, but I go to set a new location, where me it visualizes.
If i have the new error : topology not available, in order to resolve it
launch v.build and me it constructs.

I open the rows shape and I can launch v.digit, and connect the points
of the associated map with the records of the database.

Problem: apparently, I have resolved the problem of the visualization of
the rows shape, in fact, if I must import I place n maps, with my method
I would have to create n location, one for every map, that creed is

I have tried to load the shape in the location with job and after to set
the region with g.region vect=name, and then to open the rows, but
without positive outcome. 

2. Creation and new definition system of reference for the location
I need to create the system of Gauss-Boaga reference, I have inasmuch as
it does not exist in the types predefined of the location of grass6, as
I can define it ex-novo?

Regards Dina.

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