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Maik Trömel maik.troemel at maitro.net
Tue Aug 9 10:13:34 EDT 2005

The function exists in Grass 6.0 but it doesn`t work the way i need it.
I tried: r.statistics base=GTOPO30 cover=special-postal-district
method=average output=newmap
But the result are all heights in the postal-district and not the
average height. 
I found another method:
r.average base=special-postal-district cover=GTOPO30 output=newmap
With this method i get the average. 
But I haven`t found anything similar for minimum and maximum.
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Maik Trömel wrote: 
i’m searching a function to get the maximum, the minimum und the average
of the heights of a postal-district.
I`ve got the “GTOPO30-Model” and a shapefile with the geometrie of the
I convertet the shapefile to rasterdata (the postal-codes are still
available). Now i want to use r.mapcalc to get the inforamtions from the
I tried: 
r.mapcalc newmap=”if(postalmap=5570,max(GTOPO30),null())”
But naturally it didn`t work.
The other functions i tried out didn`t work, too.
Does anybody have an idea how I could get the informations?
Thanks for your help.
try r. statistics, but i'm not sure if it works in grass6.
good luck,
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