[GRASSLIST:7879] matching region and window settings

Jason Horn jhorn at bu.edu
Thu Aug 11 22:39:35 EDT 2005

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to control the aspect ratio of a region?  That  
is, you can set the height and width, but what if you want to make  
the region, say,  3:4 so that it fits perfectly in an 800 x 600  
window?  I find that I make a lot of screenshots for presentations  
and this works out best if you can create a region that is 3:4.  Some  
of you are probably thinking, just to the math, but this can be  
tricky for lat-lon locations.  Also, say you manage to create a 3:4  
region.  What then if you want to double the size, or half the size  
of the region, but want to maintain the aspect ratio.  Can't be done  
with the mouse.  More tricky math.

As always, thanks for your thoughts.

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