[GRASSLIST:7940] Image processing

Manuel Seeger seeger at uni-trier.de
Wed Aug 17 05:48:52 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I´m workung with GRASS 6.0 on SuSe 9.2 and trying 6.1 cvs from well done
installation CD.
I´ve some problems with ima groups. When I create them and run a
clustering the group file is changed, loosing all files in the group.
after this, when I try to create the group again or to create another
group it doesnt work any more (it creates the groups and subgroups but
does not include the files). Well, its "easy" to change the textfile, so
you can create the groups how you want, but its not the real official way!
Perhaps some of the programmers may look at the problem!

Have a nice day!

Dr. Manuel Seeger
Wiss. Assistent 			Scientific Assistant
Physische Geographie 			Dpt. of Physical Geography
FB VI - Geographie/Geowissenschaften 	Geography/Geosciences
Universität Trier			University of Trier
D - 54286 Trier
Tel.:	+49-651-201 4557
Fax:	+49-651-201 3976
Web:	http://www.uni-trier.de/uni/fb6/geographie/mitarbeiter/Seeger/

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