[GRASSLIST:7955] Re: r.proj takes a very long time / does not complete

Maciek Sieczka werchowyna at epf.pl
Wed Aug 17 15:48:50 EDT 2005

From: "Jason Horn" <jhorn at bu.edu>


> However, how can I really match the resolution in the new  state plane
> location to the resolution from the old lat-lon location?

gdalwarp your input not defining the -tr (output resolution). gdalwarp
should be able to estimate a resonable res. Maybe try -tps if your input is
particulary huge. Then r.proj with the same res and compare which output you 
like best.

That would be very handy if r.proj could estimate the best output resolution
as well. I remember there was some discussion about completely replacing
r.proj warper with gdal warper. Any news?


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