[GRASSLIST:8048] GRASS / QGIS and OGUG in the news

Dave Sampson gis at watersheds.ca
Wed Aug 24 13:37:31 EDT 2005

Hey folks.

OGUG is Ottawa's GRASS Users Group. Recently Dave Sampson and Scott 
Mitchell were interviewed by Shane Schick from ITBusiness, an online 
magazine published by Computing Canada.  The articles discusses GRASS / 
QGIS, open source GIS and the interaction of local users groups. OGUG 
(cemml.carleton.ca/OGUG/) will soon have the link to the article on 
their site. We would also be interested in news articles of other GRASS 
users groups. In the mean time please follow the link bellow and feel 
free to add it to the main GRASS site.

Although some details are probably lost in the editorial process (like 
the requirement of UMN mapserver for publishing GRASS maps to the net) 
for the general public or those unfamiliar with GRASS its good first 
intro. We'll wait to see how many people contact us concerning GRASS and 

Just thought I'd update the crew.

The Article:


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