[GRASSLIST:8049] Problem loading shared libs in GRASS 6.1

Thomas Adams Thomas.Adams at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 24 13:52:50 EDT 2005


I have installed GRASS 6.0.1 & 6.1CVS on a linux system in a networked 
environment; all the linux systems are configured identically. All of 
the supporting libs and programs, such as, gdal, netcdf, proj4, etc., as 
well as GRASS were built in a directory in everyone's PATH (using 
configure --prefix=INSTALL/PATH/for/whatever) on a nfs mounted volume. 
Consequently, nothing was installed locally in /usr/local/lib, 
/usr/local/bin, etc.

I have no problem bringing grass61 up on the machine where I did all my 
work. However, if I go to another networked machine, everything works 
fine **until** I push the button to "Enter GRASS", at which point I get 
a message that a shared library can not be found for gdal. Someone else 
logging into the machine where in did the installations gets the can't 
find shared library error (where I had none). In fact, anyone trying to 
startup GRASS from any other machine gets the "can't find shared 
library" error.

Obviously, I am missing something to allow grass6x to run in a networked 
environment; what is that?


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