[GRASSLIST:8065] overwrite option

Carlos Guâno Grohmann carlos.grohmann at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 09:05:33 EDT 2005

So, I was importing some shape files, and it happens that sometimes it
doesn't work, because the dbf has some long similar names and grass
understand them as duplicates, so you have to edit the column name in
OenOffice and import it again. But also happens that gras creates
something with the nae you choose for that vector, and then you get an
error msg (file exists).
I think that _all_ import commands should have an overwrite option so
this wouldn't happen.

              Carlos Henrique Grohmann - Guano   
  Geologist M.Sc  - Doctorate Student at IGc-USP - Brazil
Linux User #89721  - carlos dot grohmann at gmail dot com

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