[GRASSLIST:8081] Re: v.out.ogr to PostgreSQL

Stephan Holl holl at gdf-hannover.de
Fri Aug 26 08:01:36 EDT 2005

Hello orkun, 

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005 13:56:26 +0300 orkun <temiz at deprem.gov.tr> wrote:

> the db I used (bzk) has already been enabled with postGIS.
> as "user postgres" in sql environment (out of grass), it works.
> bzk=# CREATE TABLE gtest3 ( ID int4, NAME varchar(20) );
> bzk=# SELECT AddGeometryColumn('gtest3','geom',-1,'POLYGON',2);
>                             addgeometrycolumn
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>  public.gtest3.geom SRID:-1 TYPE:POLYGON DIMS:2
>  geometry_column fixed:0
> (1 row)

So it "should" work with grass as user postgres as well.

> the problem (I think) is related to:
> my newer postgresql (8..) version enabled postgis. But grass only
> connects older postgre (7.4..). 
> So how can make grass work only newer postgresql ?
> ~~~~~~~~~~
> how about different user other than user postgres in using v.out.ogr ?

Have a look at the postgres-manual with special reference to the
SQL-command "GRANT". There you can grant different rights to different
users. Or use a GUI like pgadmin3[1].
This should solve your problems regarding the user-problem.

Since I have not used postgres8 yet (because it not yet in
debian-testing), I cannot help you on this topic.


[1] http://www.pgadmin.org

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