[GRASSLIST:8116] RE: v.surf.rast

Tom Colson tom_colson at ncsu.edu
Mon Aug 29 08:12:56 EDT 2005

Please copy and paste the command line (From the bottom of the GUI window,
after you run it, it displays the actuall cli)

Thomas Colson
North Carolina State University
Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources
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tom_colson at ncsu.edu


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I have run this in the past with success several times.  This time around
i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong.

My input parameters into the GUI are: vector file name (vector contours),
name of column (i have used the column with integer values and floating
point), and an output raster of surface, and an output raster of the slope.
Everything else is left default.

when i run the module, i get the following error:

Percent complete:
GRASS_INFO_ERROR(24024,1): Cannot find z column (please verify name) Loading
data from attribute table  . . . 

Any ideas?  I have double/triple/quadruple checked the values in the colum
for interpolation, and they are there and valid.

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