[GRASSLIST:6975] Vector output: what's the information-densest way?

Bart scarfboy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 17:06:38 EDT 2005

Hello, people.

I would like to export data out of GRASS, so I would like a few pointers.
First of all, are coordinates always in the location's projection? Is there
actually a real distinction between coordinate system and projection
like there is in Arc, or can I assume [rv].out.* always gives coordinates
in the wished projection?

Also, I was looking at v.out.ogr with CVS output's ability to export
what may be attributes, but then I noticed v.out.ascii (>=6, I think)
gives categories behind the coordinates for each feature. Since I'm
unclear about what either are and what the distinction is, I'd like to
know what the post-coordinate lines actually mean, whether there's
a point to using the CSV output. If so, how to match this output
to v.out.ascii's output, (the amount of them doesn't line up, except if
I don't output centroids) and if not, how to export the meaning of 
the out.ascii lines, if applicable.

--Bart Alewijnse

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