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> Sir,
> Nice to see Fellow countrymen interested in
> translation.
> At Hyderabad FSF has gone a long way towards GRASS in
We have a knoppix livecd with grass installed.It has some maps from Maharashtra
Election commission connected to mysql database. We also have a map with labels
in Marathi/Hindi. It is only after doing all this that we realised the fact that
to effectively use GIS in egovernance it has to speak our language. We are
proposing this as a working solution for govt. offices, NGOs etc. Ofcourse it
has OpenOffice.org and Mozilla browser both with Indian Language Capabilities.
You can get more info on this on our website www.janabhaaratii.org.in
Now we are working on integrating major GIS tools like GRASS,mapserver,postGIS
etc. on a liveCD with tools for working with these softwares in Indian Languages.
> Pl let us know your progress.
> Ravi Kumar

looking forward for your comments/suggestions

Swapnil Hajare
janabhaaratii team

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