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Jano Ferencik ferencik.ioan at personal.ro
Mon Jun 6 05:43:15 EDT 2005

> Jano,
> The only thing I know that can cause a layer to disappear while zooming 
> is maxscale/minscale. But you did not have that defined, nor in any of 
> the layers of its group.
> The only instance where I had this happen to me, was where a shapefile 
> had corrupt topology (polygon file with unclosed polygons), which would 
> disappear when zooming in. It may be worth rebuilding your shapefile, or 
> checking its topology (as far as there is topology for points....). 
> There should be some free tools out there that can do it.
> regards,
> Jacob
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Thanks for suggestion...i took a closer look to that shapefile...and i
discovered that it is of type pointZ.....so i proceded in this way..transformed
it in coverage and then back to shapefile from arcinfo workstation...and
surprise it worked.....a am glad that it is ok....anyway I received the
shapefiles from another company and all others layers are ok....i just didn't
tkinked that this could be the cause of the problem..thanks Jacob again

> I posted this problem earlier, Edith did propose me a
> solution...unfortunately
> it didn't work....so I am back in the problem....I have a few point
> payers in
> my application...and one layer has strange behavior..meaning .whenI zoom
> in
> more that 1:100000 the layer appear checked in  the legend but i don't
> see the
> point in my map..thoughh i tha sam area I have other point layers wich
> are
> behaving normal.....i still cannot figure what ius happenning
> that layer is "Mine waste 2004"
> and this is my map file:
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