[GRASSLIST:7023] failure when running i.gensigset

knut.langeland at nina.no knut.langeland at nina.no
Mon Jun 6 07:45:10 EDT 2005

Dear list
I'm doing some analysis of orthophotos with i.gensigset and i.smap, but
suddenly when running i.gensigset i get this:
GRASS 6.1.cvs (ortho35):~ > i.gensigset trainingmap=2616trening
group=2616 subgroup=2616 signature=2616sign1   
Finding training classes ... 100%
ERROR: G_calloc: out of memory
GRASS 6.1.cvs (ortho35):~ > 

I'm running it on cygwin with 6.0.0., and I have tried to reinstall both
cygwin and GRASS 3 times but the same thing happens again. 
In my prosesses window of the windows task manager the i.gensigset
appears two times counting different amounts of memory when runnig the
module. I'm in short of time so if anyone has an answer I'll be very
<mailto:d at nina.no>  
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