[GRASSLIST:7031] region related issues with r.proj

Michael Kowen michael.kowen at case.edu
Mon Jun 6 15:19:34 EDT 2005

Hello again, 

I have just stumbled upon a bit of an issue while using r.proj in
grass6.0.  The situation is as follows:  I have imported a 10m dem of a
comparatively large scale (zoomed out area) of a 10m dem, and what I
would like to do is import this dem into a location of a smaller region
using r.proj (I have done this successfully in a different scenario),
but it complains that "the input map is outside current region."       I
figure that the problem is just as grass reports it, but I am not sure
how to fix it/make it work.  The projection converion is from nad83 to
nad27. (On a separate note, is this inverse chronical conversion an
error--is it better to run map projects in the most recent projection


Michael Kowen

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