[GRASSLIST:7032] Re: region related issues with r.proj

Morten Hulden morten at untamo.net
Mon Jun 6 16:08:48 EDT 2005

Michael Kowen wrote:

> I have just stumbled upon a bit of an issue while using r.proj in
> grass6.0.  The situation is as follows:  I have imported a 10m dem of a
> comparatively large scale (zoomed out area) of a 10m dem, and what I
> would like to do is import this dem into a location of a smaller region
> using r.proj (I have done this successfully in a different scenario),
> but it complains that "the input map is outside current region." 

In all cases I encountered this error message it turned out to be true. 
Please check (or provide us) your projection info and region settings 
for both the input map and output location.

Global maps are special. If you are working with global maps you should 
disable the region/map cropping in r.proj with the -n option, because 
you have to import and reserve memory for the whole map anyway. But the 
-n option is not useful if the input map is not global and really is 
outside your current region.

Maybe you zoomed out from the default region too much so your region 
edges are now in outer space or otherwise unreasonable for the 
projection in question? That may give strange results.


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