ITAMOCHI Masahiro masa527 at spymac.com
Sat Jun 11 06:24:24 EDT 2005

>>*) vpf_imp (included in NIMAMUSE)
>>Could convert some files to shape files.
>>Some were not.(coudn't read feature point or exceeding feature point error)
>>Very unstable on my Windows XP SP2.(freeze too many time)
>>Can be retrieved from http://www.mapability.com/download/nima_muse/
>>*) ogr2ogr in FWTools for Windows
>>Could locate data source.
>>Couldn't generate any shape files.(Different from ogr2ogr on Linux)
> For this you may want to read the article.
> Please let us know if it works.


I tried above again to v0noa on my Windows file system(NTFS).
For extracting the data, I followed the instraction described in 
http://www.mapability.com/info/vmap0_intro.html using with WinZip.

Since your script cannot apply directly to the data on Windows file 
system from my Linux(writing is prohibited), I renamed all the 
upper-case directory name to lower-case.
If your script can set out to DOS bat file, it may be happy for Windows 
users. I'm not a DOS hacker to do this...
I also found, just in v0noa, that there are no files with trainling '.'.
On my Linux, dht and lht on the top level of vmap0 had that.

The result was the same I experienced before.

Here, I'm gonna break down what I did for each processes.

I locate the v0noa on the top level of c: drive.

*) vpf_imp
Launch the VPF Importer 2.1.3(vpf_imp.exe).
Select options -> Output Format -> Arcview Shapefile
 From file menu,select open to browse the dht file in c:¥v0noa¥vmaplv0.
Select Library:Coverage:Feature and push 'Retrieve Features' button.

For those datas which contains many point features, I met the dialog 
like 'Point feature limit reached, increase MUSE_MAXPOINTS' and then 
trying to save shape file at 16000 point features.
It seems that this software supports maximum of 16000 point feature on each.
There are no such a option to increase this parameter...

*) ogr2ogr from FWTools Shell
I still cannot have any shape files.
It looks that the OGR/OGDI driver can locate the data source as I 
successfully get the info from command below.

ogrinfo -ro gltp:/vrf/c:/v0noa/vmaplv0/noamer

Then I enter into the directory where I want shape files to be saved.
ogr2ogr command is like below.

ogr2ogr oceansea.shp gltp:/vrf/c:/v0noa/vmaplv0/namer 'oceansea at bnd(*)_area'

After this, I couldn't find any shapefile on the directory where I am 
while I got no errors.
I thought it should be generated in that directory.
No volume size has changed and couldn't find the file I specified 
anywhere on the NTFS volume.

I'm sorry I couldn't improve on any methods.
This is just for an information for Windows users and there may be a 
mistake what I did.


Masahiro Itamochi

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