[GRASSLIST:7151] 3D-Vizualisation

Dr. Manfred Redslob redslob at gdf-hannover.de
Tue Jun 14 10:00:14 EDT 2005

Hello GRASS-List,

I try to vizualise soildata from a field exploration with GRASS like a block 
diagram: every soil horizon should have a different color.

I try following:

First step: v.in.ascii with data structure:
x | y | z | 1 (> ID for first soil horizon)
another with
x | y | z | 2 (> ID for second soil horizon)
and so on

Second step: interpolation with v.vol.rst

Third step: vizualisation with nviz
Now i get 3d vizualisation of the borderlines between the soil horizons like 
"flying carpets"

But whats the way to get real 3D block diagrams colored between the 
borderlines (like examples on 
http://skagit.meas.ncsu.edu/%7Ehelena/gmslab/viz/geomorph.html) ?
Or to produce 2D-Cuts thru the soil body?

thanks for help,


Dr. Manfred Redslob

GDF Hannover bR
Gesellschaft fuer Datenanalyse und Fernerkundung
Kontakt: redslob at gdf-hannover.de
Internet: www.gdf-hannover.de

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