[GRASSLIST:7154] Re: v.in.ascii and 6.* tables

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 14 18:07:07 EDT 2005

> I want to import an ASCII x,y,value into a Grass 6.* vector map and
> use r.surf.idw to interpolate a surface. I can't seem to get the
> syntax right.  A line of the ASCII file:
> 89.1 23.5 1202.1232
> that represent x y value.
> I use:
>  cat file1.tab | v.in.ascii out=map1 x=1 y=2 cat=3 fs=\ columns='x
>  double, y double, cat double'

fs=\  ?
category must be an integer.

> v.in.ascii reports 12838 point imported, and I can display them ok.

Ok. Try a query with d.what.vect to be sure.

> I then try:
> v.surf.idw input=map1 output=map1r col=cat
> v.surf.idw complains: ERROR: Cannot open old vector map1 at jwortel on
> level 2. I suppose the col option should point to a field in the
> attribute table of map map1, but I don't see any associated mpa1.dbf
> file.

maybe "old vector" is an important clue?

What does v.info say?


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