[GRASSLIST:7195] Re: v.in.ascii and 6.* tables

Jeroen Wortel j.wortel at wanadoo.nl
Thu Jun 16 15:18:16 EDT 2005

Hi Hamish,

I found out the correct syntax after some extra experimenting.

I was not sure how to cope with the category value, but saw that I need 
auto-assignment of actegory number with cat=0. I then specify the value 
that I wan't to interpolate as a double.

in the file:

         89.1 23.5 1202.1232

         cat file1.tab | v.in.ascii out=map1 x=1 y=2 cat=0 fs=space 
columns='x double, y double, value double'

I then use the attribute 'value' to interpolate.

I was somewhat confused that 'x' and 'y' need to be specified again in the 
columns option, but 'cat' not, although it is still a field in the 
resulting dbf. But then it isn't in the inputfile, isn't it.

You were right that fs=\ is wrong, it should of course be fs=space. I was 
confused with scripting syntaxes.

Thanks for your help,


>fs=\  ?
>category must be an integer.
> > v.in.ascii reports 12838 point imported, and I can display them ok.
>Ok. Try a query with d.what.vect to be sure.
> > I then try:
> > v.surf.idw input=map1 output=map1r col=cat
> > v.surf.idw complains: ERROR: Cannot open old vector map1 at jwortel on
> > level 2. I suppose the col option should point to a field in the
> > attribute table of map map1, but I don't see any associated mpa1.dbf
> > file.
>maybe "old vector" is an important clue?
>What does v.info say?
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