[GRASSLIST:7168] v.in.ascii out of memory

Andrew Danner adanner at cs.duke.edu
Wed Jun 15 09:14:20 EDT 2005

I'm trying to import a somewhat large file of 24.8 million LIDAR points
(866MB) into GRASS 6.1 (11 Jun CVS) using v.in.ascii

File format is just a list of easting, northing, and elevation in NC


I'm using

v.in.ascii -z input=strip_09.txt output=g6Npts fs=, z=3

and I get the following:

Maximum input row length: 34
Maximum number of columns: 3
Minimum number of columns: 3

Building topology ...
Registering lines: ERROR: G_realloc: out of memory

There shouldn't be any lines to register. This is just a list of points.
Any ideas?

I have imported close to 500 million points in GRASS 5.4 using
s.in.ascii, but I don't know why things are crashing in the new vector

I have tested v.in.ascii upto 3 million points. 

I'm running on a Fedora Core 3 Linux with a 2.6 kernel, 1GB of physical
memory and 8GB of swap. 

At three million points, I noticed that I'm using over 1GB of memory. Is
it trying to build the entire topology in memory? I don't need to build
any topology for a set of points. Is there a way to turn this off? 

In 5.4 I was developing a scalable version of s.surf.rst that could
interpolate surfaces on over 500 million points, but now I can't even
import that many points into a vector/site format. 



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