[GRASSLIST:7167] Importing VMAP0 as in GRASS-News vol. 3

Harri Kiiskinen harkiisk at utu.fi
Wed Jun 15 09:12:24 EDT 2005


Markus Neteler's article in GRASS-News vol. 3 on the VMAP0-data was
exemplary and interesting, but I still can't get the import to work as
expected. v.in.ogr produces empty files, even though everything seems to
be correct; only when importing everything, something comes through, but
only from the layer libref at libref(*)_line, nothing else.

Running the script in Fig. 3 of the article does not help. ogrinfo
gives this:

GRASS 6.1.cvs (vmap0nad83):~/grass > ogrinfo -ro
INFO: Open of `gltp:/vrf/home/harri/Karttoja/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia'
using driver `OGDI' successful.
1: libref at libref(*)_line (Line String)
2: libreft at libref(*)_text (Point)
3: tileref at tileref(*)_area (Polygon)
4: tilereft at tileref(*)_text (Point)
5: polbndp at bnd(*)_point (Point)
6: barrierl at bnd(*)_line (Line String)
7: coastl at bnd(*)_line (Line String)
8: depthl at bnd(*)_line (Line String)
9: polbndl at bnd(*)_line (Line String)
10: oceansea at bnd(*)_area (Polygon)
11: polbnda at bnd(*)_area (Polygon)
12: bndtxt at bnd(*)_text (Point)
13: dqarea at dq(*)_area (Polygon)
14: dqline at dq(*)_line (Line String)
15: elevp at elev(*)_point (Point)
16: contourl at elev(*)_line (Line String)
17: dangerp at hydro(*)_point (Point)
18: miscp at hydro(*)_point (Point)
19: aquecanl at hydro(*)_line (Line String)
20: miscl at hydro(*)_line (Line String)
21: watrcrsl at hydro(*)_line (Line String)
22: inwatera at hydro(*)_area (Polygon)
23: hydrotxt at hydro(*)_text (Point)
24: extractp at ind(*)_point (Point)
25: misindp at ind(*)_point (Point)
26: storagep at ind(*)_point (Point)
27: extracta at ind(*)_area (Polygon)
28: fishinda at ind(*)_area (Polygon)
29: indtxt at ind(*)_text (Point)
30: cutfill at phys(*)_line (Line String)
31: lndfrml at phys(*)_line (Line String)
32: grounda at phys(*)_area (Polygon)
33: landicea at phys(*)_area (Polygon)
34: seaicea at phys(*)_area (Polygon)
35: phystxt at phys(*)_text (Point)
36: builtupp at pop(*)_point (Point)
37: mispopp at pop(*)_point (Point)
38: builtupa at pop(*)_area (Polygon)
39: poptxt at pop(*)_text (Point)
40: aerofacp at trans(*)_point (Point)
41: rryardp at trans(*)_point (Point)
42: transtrc at trans(*)_point (Point)
43: mistranl at trans(*)_line (Line String)
44: railrdl at trans(*)_line (Line String)
45: roadl at trans(*)_line (Line String)
46: traill at trans(*)_line (Line String)
47: transtrl at trans(*)_line (Line String)
48: dqline at trans(*)_line (Line String)
49: transtxt at trans(*)_text (Point)
50: utilp at util(*)_point (Point)
51: pipel at util(*)_line (Line String)
52: utill at util(*)_line (Line String)
53: dqline at util(*)_line (Line String)
54: utiltxt at util(*)_text (Point)
55: cropa at veg(*)_area (Polygon)
56: grassa at veg(*)_area (Polygon)
57: swampa at veg(*)_area (Polygon)
58: treesa at veg(*)_area (Polygon)
59: tundraa at veg(*)_area (Polygon)

from which:

GRASS 6.1.cvs (vmap0nad83):~/grass > ogrinfo -ro gltp:/vrf/home/harri/Karttoja/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia 'coastl at bnd(*)_line'
INFO: Open of `gltp:/vrf/home/harri/Karttoja/v0eur/vmaplv0/eurnasia'
using driver `OGDI' successful.

Layer name: coastl at bnd(*)_line
Geometry: Line String
Feature Count: 0
Layer SRS WKT:
        SPHEROID["GRS 1980",6378137,298.257222101,
id: Integer (10.0)
f_code: String (5.0)
acc: Integer (5.0)
exs: Integer (5.0)
tile_id: Integer (5.0)
edg_id: Integer (10.0)

So no features. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to try them;
otherwise, I have no clue.


Harri K.

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