[GRASSLIST:7162] grass rasters on mapserver

Paolo Cavallini cavallini at faunalia.it
Wed Jun 15 07:38:33 EDT 2005

Hi all.
We're trying to add grass raster layers to a mapserver (UNM) application, but 
we encounter problems. Our .map definition is:
   NAME "landsat"
   DATA "/home/Documenti/datigrass/Toscana/PERMANENT/cellhd/sat"
but the raster (a Landsat map) is not displayed correctly. I assume this is 
related to the mentioned 8/24 bit limitation mentioned in 
However, I find contradictory notes about this:
- in the web page I find " GRASS raster map directly read from location must 
be in 8bit", whereas in http://grass.itc.it/spearfish/README there is "Hint: 
Mapserver currently only displays 8bit/24bit Integer images."
Is there a way to display directly grass rasters in full color, or are we 
limited to 8bit (in this case, tiff may be a better choice, but we would 
prefer to avoid data duplication).
And where exactly is the limitation? If it is in gdal, how can qgis display 
the same rasters correctly?

All the best.
Paolo Cavallini
cavallini at faunalia.it   www.faunalia.it   www.faunalia.com
Piazza Garibaldi 5 - 56025 Pontedera (PI), Italy   Tel: (+39)348-3801953

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