[GRASSLIST:7164] Re: substitute to r.mask & r.to.sites in GRASS 6

Otto Dassau dassau at gdf-hannover.de
Wed Jun 15 08:07:01 EDT 2005

Am Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2005 13:24 schrieb Karl Broich:
> Hello GRASS-list-member,
> is there any substitute or work-around to r.mask and r.to.sites in GRASS 6
> ? 


a) you can create masks with r.mapcalc. Examples are given in the manpages or 
the g60 tutorial:


b) 'r.to.sites' in GRASS 5 is 'r.to.vect' in GRASS 6. 

> I would need this to convert a masked raster patch (DEM) to an equivalent 
> set of vector points, which again I intend to triangulate using v.delaunay.


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