[GRASSLIST:7220] Re: Compile Errors continue in 6.0.0

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 18 01:19:01 EDT 2005

> tried that. Tried ./configure --without-fftw AND --without-gdal (or
> with-gdal=no...interesting enough, either of the disable gdal syntaxes
> still bombs with "Can't find GDAL")

GDAL is not optional in GRASS 6. --without-gdal should be removed but
--with-gdal=where/it/is must stay.

> Same errors. Could this be due to the version of GCC (4.0)? Or the

Does FC4 provide a gcc-3.3 package, even if not used by default?

> cd gmath
> make
> In file included from del2g.c:23:
> numerical.h:47: error: array type has incomplete element type

looking at the CVS record for lib/gmath/numerical.h we see Brad put 
in a GCC4 fix for that file 3 weeks ago.


How old's your 6.1 snapshot?

> version of Fedora? Unfortunately, getting FC3 working on my hardware
> is harder than getting grass to work (Dual Xeon 3.6, 256 MB vid card,
> hardware RAID...) and FC4 works perfectly out of the box. The
> precompiled binaries at mappinghacks.com of course are not applicable
> to my distro of linux (worked great on a FC3 laptop install with Grass
> 6.1).
> I'm getting pretty desperate here....I MUST get this working sometime
> this weekend. Basically, the only thing I need working is v.in.ascii
> and r.surf.rst (and NVIZ...hence...a GUI). The goal here is speedy
> interpolation of LIDAR elevation points into DEMs using spline,
> ideally with libraries optimized for large file support and the 64 bit
> architecture.

(try for yourself first, but be warned:)
Apparently v.in.ascii is broken this weekend. Try a snapshot from a few
weeks back. If you can't find one, grab from the cvs using a specific 
date, e.g. I know it was ok on 17 May. (cvs checkout -D datespec)
See the CVS page for info:  http://grass.ibiblio.org/devel/cvs.php

but then, some of Brad's 64bit & GCC4 fixes have come in only this month. :)

So if v.in.ascii doesn't work for you, you'll have to use an old CVS 
snapshot and merge in any GCC4 fixes since then. ? catch 22..

After generating the surface you can copy the mapset to another computer
for NVIZ. Just worry about the surface. You're not going to get very far 
without lib/gmath, so focus on that first. I expect v.in.ascii will be 
working soon (but I'm not working on it).

> Or....is 6.0.0 compatible with fftw 3.0 yet?


best of luck,

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