[GRASSLIST:7261] Re: Brazilian Forum for GRASS

Christian Ferreira christian.grass at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 15:07:51 EDT 2005


Well, I think that Paulo is not very right saying:

> > I feel people in Brasil are very scared by foreign languages, so as I
> > am not, I could help a lot putting my knowledge of the language to
> > help those who have difficulties understanding english.

Many people (in Brazil) just don't have money to pay classes for study
another language. It's a social problem, not just fear.

I and some other translators here in Brazil just want to bring GRASS
for this people, not create a parallel community and forget foreign
people. Ok?

Also, my project (Poseidon Linux) website is holding a Forum to bring
this "scared" people  to GRASS, and not to Arcview like most people do
here (using a pirated copy!!).

I think that some of this people will naturally reach this mailing
list as they interest for GRASS grows.


Christian dos Santos Ferreira
Oceanographer. Msc.
Lab. of Fisheries Research and Hydroacustics
Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG)
Rio Grande - RS - Brazil
Tel +55 (53) 2336528
Website: http://poseidon.furg.br

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