[GRASSLIST:7323] can't start GRASS 6.1 CVS (error in d.m)

Carlos Guâno Grohmann carlos.grohmann at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 10:56:06 EDT 2005

Hello all, I've just made a fresh install of GRASS 6.1 cvs, but when I
try to start it I get this error msg:

>guano at Valhalla:~$ Error in startup script: ERROR: LOCATION_NAME not set
>    while executing
>"exec ps.map -p"
>    (procedure "DmPrint::init" line 14)
>    invoked from within
>    (procedure "main" line 34)
>    invoked from within
>"main $argc $argv"

At first I tougth about fftw, but all links to tcl/tk 8.3 and
lifftw2.5 are fine, so.... ideas?

thanks all

              Carlos Henrique Grohmann - Guano   
  Geologist M.Sc  - Doctorate Student at IGc-USP - Brazil
Linux User #89721  - carlos dot grohmann at gmail dot com

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